Peter O’ Brien and Sons Landscaping Ltd

What is the job?

Overseeing landscape construction operations on various sites

What we’re looking for?

An experienced construction foreperson who knows what it takes to drive projects and who is focused on building their career. They should be an excellent communicator, have a good working knowledge of landscape construction operations, be able to work with and direct a team and have a passion for doing great work. 

What is the nature and scale of the projects?

Projects vary in scale and complexity. Opportunities provided based on track record.

Where is the work-based?

Projects are based in Dublin city and surrounds. 

Key requirements

  • Prior experience
  • Proven track record
  • Knowledge of landscape operations including hard and soft elements
  • Team worker
  • Good communicator
  • Career-focused
  • Driving licence 
  • Safe Pass/Manual handling 

These would be good too

  • Machine knowledge and tickets (dumper/teleporter)
  • Urban construction knowledge 

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